DIY - design your own clothes rack

Custom-made wardrobe solutions, produced and delivered within 2 weeks!

Here is what you’ve got to do:

  • Make a small drawing of the clothes rack you wish to have. This helps us to understand, what exactly it is you are imagining.
  • Make sure that you have taken all the right measurements so we have the correct information from the start.
  • Send us a mail with all information to

We're looking forward to helping you create the closet solution of your dreams!

Are you still searching for creative ideas for your walk-in closet? Get inspired by our previous projects and our blog.

To find the perfect furniture for your home is easier said than done. Often, you like a design but the measurements don’t fit or vice versa or it is too expensive and time-consuming to get something customised for you.

This was the problem our founder Martin was facing when he was searching for an open wardrobe solution for his new apartment back in 2013. He finally designed and built one himself and RackBuddy was founded.

Because of our history, it is very important for us to deliver the perfect clothes rack to each and every one of our clients. That means that we do not only build clothes racks in the standard designs and sizes you can find in our online shop, but also offer the possibility to customise wardrobe solutions to the special requirements of our customers.

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to modify one of our designs - for example with an extra hook, a wooden shelf, a shoe shelf or wheels - or if you have an idea for a completely new design. With our water pipes, we can make every idea happen.

Are you still searching for a clothes rack that fits under an inclined wall or a complete solution that transforms your storage room into a walk-in closet? Or do you want to design your own shoe shelf? Then you have found exactly the help you needed! We are happy to support you in your DIY adventure in order to find the best possible solution. We believe: building it yourself is fun, but designing it yourself is making you happy! The only limit is your imagination.