RackBuddy's Story

RackBuddy was created by Martin Heinze and Lasse Nielsen, two Danes in their 30ies who have always dreamt of creating their own business.

It all started in the end of 2013, when Martin and Lasse built their first clothes rack in a small garage in Næstved, Denmark. Martin had been searching for a stable, customizable open wardrobe solution for his new apartment, but did not find anything that was matching his vision. All existing offers were either unstable or had a tasteless design. Therefore, the two owners decided to build a clothes rack themselves. More than satisfied by the outcome, they were determined to design more racks out of water pipes to friends and acquaintances. They invested just enough money to buy the supplies and financed all of the forthcoming projects over their sales profit.

Martin and Lasse noticed soon that their product had a great potential and as demand was picking up, they both decided to work full time on their business project and RackBuddy was created. When they first launched their website, they didn’t even dare to dream of having their own RackBuddy showroom just two years later.

Our Idea

RackBuddy was created based on the idea that a clothes rack can be a piece of furniture shaping the identity of its owner’s home.

Your clothes express who you are! Often, you spend a lot of time, money and consideration on new pieces in your wardrobe. Why should you hide them in a closet and possibly forget about them, why not display them and integrate them in your interior? And why would you carefully select well-designed tables, chairs and lamps that perfectly fit into your home but settle for a clothes rack for mere practical reasons?

We believe, that the design of your wardrobe and its functionality should go hand in hand. That is why we offer you robust and well-designed wardrobe solutions that will last for a long time and perfectly support your individual style and needs.